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Welcome to Alpine Sports Medicine...

Alpine Sports Medicine is the leader in treating sports injuries of all type. If you need treatment and want the best, you need the Alpine Advantage! The Alpine Advantage is personalized attention, positive motivation, hands-on techniques and technical expertise. It is our promise to you every day!

Our Practice Philosophy is Rare...

It's a blend of exceptional medical expertise and the most basic common sense. Get the precise diagnosis... FAST! Perform surgery only when there is no viable alternative, and keep it as minimally invasive as possible. This is the ultimate win/win for patients with the genuine potential for less discomfort, faster recovery and significant reductions in cost of care.

Leading the Alpine Team...

To be a world-class medical practice you need a world-class leader! Leading this team of superior medical practitioners is Sports Medicine Orthopedics sub-specialist J.K. Meyers, MD. When professional athletes to next door neighbors want the best of care they place themselves in the hands of Dr. Meyers!

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